profileme1Who am I ?

I am Alexa, a 28-year old girl ( yep girl) from New york. I am addicted to anything about Beauty, Fragrances, Fashion. I am currently working in sales but would like to save some money to eventually enter a beauty school and work as an esthetician, or a make up artist… I still have some time to make up my mind while saving money 🙂

What this blog is about?

Obviously, this is a beauty blog that I called scents 4 all, as it is my way of giving you all my 2 cents about beauty, I could have all called it 2 cents but it reminds me of a singer and this blog is anything but related to him. 🙂

I will share you my favorite picks, some beauty tips, some interviews. I won’t follow a specific editiorial line as a blog is more flexible than that.

Oh, who knows, I might become so famous, that I will simply share with you my everyday life ( just kidding…. for the sharing part hahahahahah)

If you want to contact me, simply use the contact form.


Have fun and be happy !!