How to bleach hair


Bleached blond hair never really goes out of style, and it’s something most women try at least once.

Some people also bleach their hair before they dye it.

I really love it, it gives my hair a sexy color, i even like to try new shades or colors ( only for holidays 🙂

There are in fact a number of ways you can go about bleaching your hair at home that can be done using simple beauty supplies.

I thought it would be useful to write a quick tutorial…

Gather Supplies

You will need a bleaching kit. Pick up 2 if you have thick hair or long hair. You also need 30 sectioning clips or four large clips. These are clips that will separate and hold your hair.

Also grab a tint brush, some plastic wrap, an old towel, plastic/latex gloves and a tail comb. The bleach you need depends on your hair so read the box properly to find the right one for you.

Prepare with a Strand Test

Bleaching your hair can damage it if you leave the bleach in for too long. That’s why you need to prepare with a strand test. Take a small bit of your hair from a place people won’t notice (such as the back of your head) and tie it together. Take this lock of hair and place it in the bleach mix before applying it to your hair.

Check the hair every five minutes so you know how long the hair on your head should take to bleach, and how long is definitely too long to keep it in. Remember that the longer hair is exposed to bleach the more damage it does.

If your hair is damaged by bleach, you should have a look at our friends from, ok I had the idea of doing that article because they wrote a super nice article about how to repair bleached hair here. That wil help you avoid those dry, orange or yellow hair, split ends with breakage ang get back stronger and softer hair.

Time to Bleach

It’s pretty difficult to bleach your own hair so always prepare properly. You will need help if your hair isn’t short. You should start with your hair as dry as possible. Having greasy hair actually makes the bleaching process easier. Bleaching makes your hair itch and if it’s greasy the effect is less intense.

If you can’t find a friend then you definitely need two mirrors so you can see how the back of your head looks. You also need to use non-metallic bowls for everything. Nothing you use should be metal.

Use your tint brush to part your hair in to four sections and use the clips to keep your hair this way. Now mix up your bleach in the bowl by using your tint brush. Remember that bleach damages cloth so use only your worst towels and don’t get it on your clothes.

Start with one of the back parts of your hair and apply the bleach to a small piece of the hair, leaving about 1cm of hair at the roots not bleached. Brush your hair from the top to the bottom, which is how hair grows. Flip the hair to expose the bottom part that doesn’t have bleach and work through that too. Move as quickly as you can so that the first section isn’t fully lightened before you start work on the last.

Do this with the rest of this section and then move on to the other parts of your hair. By the time you’ve done all four the first section should have lightened.

Bleach it again when it becomes a golden blond and this time do bleach the roots. Keep going until all your hair is a pale blond and use shampoo and conditioner to get the bleach out. If your hair isn’t an even pale blond at this point you need to mix up some more bleach and touch up the darker parts. Then just shampoo out any extra bleach.

remember not to expose your hair to bleach for a limited time or it could be used as a method to remove hair 🙂 Bleaching isn’t nearly as scary as some people make it out to be, as long as you follow the instructions and test your hair before bleaching it. If you really are intimidated by the idea of bleaching your hair then just get a stylist to do it though.

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