Why I like to use Vitamin C Serums in my Beauty Routine


Everyone has a beauty routine made up of their favorite products. First you put on one thing, then another, and you keep on going until you’re done. Some products belong in that routine like moisturizers. A product that I really like is the Vitamin C serum.

What is Vitamin C Serum?

Vitamin C Serum is, as the name implies, a skin care product that utilizes vitamin c. Vitamin c is helpful because it allows your skin to produce more collagen naturally. It’s always better to go natural when you can. Why plaster collagen on your face when you can just encourage your skin to produce its own? When you get started it’s recommended to apply a small amount at first and build your way up to a higher concentration over time.

Benefits of Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Serum does a fair bit more than just encourage the production of collagen. Though of course collagen is one of the main benefits. Collagen keeps our cells together and is the main treatment for curing and preventing wrinkles.

Vitamin C also acts an anti-oxidant. Oxidised skin is unhealthy skin. Vitamin C serums are packed full of anti-oxidants that not just get rid of oxidants but help repair the damage they’ve already done. It gets rid of the free radicals on your skin and reverses other damage too. It can fade acne scars and improve the look and feel of your skin overall.

Finally it also helps to protect your skin from the sun. Vitamin C strengthens the dermis layer and keeps away some of the damage caused by the skin and aids in preventing skin cancer. Though you should never replace sunscreen with Vitamin C serums. They only add extra protection and should never be used as a replacement to products with sun protection in mind.

What to choose

I only pick vitamin c serums with at least vit C 5%, I was a real fan of skinceuticals vit C serum but as you know those products are pretty expensive and I wanted to find cheaper alternatives.

After doing some research, I came accross a great beauty blog called myawesomebeauty.com that has become my go to place when looking for beauty reviews. They wrote really nice guides such as this guide that lists the best vitamin C serums here. Go check it, you will learn lots of things. I have even followed their recommendation and tested the serumtologie serum : I love it !!!

The Application Process

Like every good beauty product Vitamin C serums work best when applied properly. The application process is pretty easy though. Start by dampening your face a little and applying the serum on to your face and neck. After the serum dries out a little you need to apply a moisturizer.

It’s important the serum goes on first because the serum is absorbed by the skin. Moisturizers prevent this absorption process. Applying moisturizer afterwards isn’t entirely necessary but is a must if you have more sensitive skin.

How to store your Vitamin C serum.

If you have any serum left over it’s best to put it in the refrigerator. Putting it in the refrigerator prevents the serum from becoming oxidised and useless. There’s no point in an oxidised anti-oxidiser. So make your serum last longer and get more bang for your buck by storing it properly.

So there you have it; the benefits of Vitamin C serum and why you need to make it a regular part of your beauty regime. It does a lot for your skin and won’t add too much time to your routine.

If you like the sound of the benefits then be sure to pick up some for yourself.

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