Why people like to wear fragrances


Fragrances come in all shapes and sizes. There are aftershaves, deodorants, perfumes, colognes, body butter, and many other different ways to make your body smell like something it’s not. But why would you even want to do that? In my opinion, here are the main reasons :

Smelling Nice

Perhaps the most obvious reason to wear a fragrance is to smell nice. Deodorants are great for that. They also help remove unpleasant smells like sweat. So they’re a double whammy of pleasantry when it comes to bodily odor. People also like to smell nice when they go on dates and have a night out. You want to attract people and you can’t do that when you smell so bad you drive them away.


Some smells also illicit moods in people. This is especially true of things like scented candles. They smell of all the things in nature that trigger your memories and imagination and make you happy. All your senses can trigger memories including smell. If someone smells like something that makes you happy then you’re going to respond positively to them.

It’s Therapeutic

As well as making us happy smells can be very therapeutic by taking us out of the world entirely. Not many men will admit it but even they occasionally like a warm bath that smells just like wherever they aren’t. It’s so much easier to escape the world when you aren’t smelling reality.


Choosing a fragrance and wearing it also helps you show off your individuality. Everyone smells like a person. You have the freedom to smell like whatever you want and you’re going to use it. People show off their individuality in any way they can think of. From their clothes, to makeup, to fragrances. Smelling unique makes you more, well, unique.


If you’re wearing an anti-perspirent then you know you aren’t going to smell of sweat. That applies to any fragrance you might wear. When you put it on you know exactly what you do and don’t smell like, and that can be a real confidence booster. Confidence makes life better and is the key to success. Take it where you can get it.

There’s a lot more to wearing a fragrance than just wanting to smell great.

They can help you feel great, boost your confidence, and even trigger memory recall. So what about you ? Why do you wear fragrances?

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