Witch Hazel Uses For Skin


I was reading a few of my favorite beauty blogs and I found out about a real gem that I had never heard of : witch hazel.

If you aren’t sure what Witch Hazel is as I was, it’s a kind of shrub found in northern America. It’s a completely natural product that is great for your skin. It’s known as Winterbloom or Spotted Alder in some places too. Well I didn’t know that plant was so useful for our skin until I read about the many uses of witch hazel for skin.

Here’s a look at just some of the wonderful things Witch Hazel can do for your skin:

Acne Treatment

Acne is a terrible thing to try and treat. There are so many different choices when it comes to things that can get rid of it. A lot of them make claims they can’t prove or contain chemicals that probably do more harm than good. Witch Hazel is an effective way to treat acne in a perfectly safe and natural manner and can be found on any list of natural acne treatments.

Reduce Puffiness Around Your Eyes

With Hazel is also great for reducing the puffiness around your eyes. If your eyes get too puffy from a lack of sleep or from crying all you need to do is put some Witch Hazel on cotton buds and place them on top of your eyes. One of the things that Witch Hazel is famous for is shrinking blood vessels, which brings your eyes back to their regular size.

Healing Bruises

If you’re the type of person that bruises easily then you need some Witch Hazel in your life. It’s really good at speeding up the healing process of bruises. Just apply some Witch Hazel to a soft cloth and apply it to the bruise a few times a day until the bruise goes away. It’ll still take a few days, but a lot less time than if left to heal naturally.

Rejuvenating Skin

Another thing Witch Hazel is great for is bringing your skin back to life in the summer time. Heat makes your skin oily and you can fix that by applying, once again, a cloth soaked in With Hazel to your skin. It cleans out your pores, removes dirt, and even leaves you smelling pretty good too.


A number of studies have proven how effective Witch Hazel is at treating sun related problems like sunburn. It reduces the redness and burning on the skin after it’s exposed to the rays of the sun. Of course you should always wear adequate sun protection but Witch Hazel will be there to take care of you when something goes wrong. Take a look a the awesome article of one of our favorite beauty blogs about the multiple uses of witch hazel on skin here. They have lots of DIY recipes, among which you will find one mixture to try for sunburns. Thanks sophie for the nice work 🙂


Witch Hazel also makes a fantastic moisturizer. You might not think it does because it removes the oil from skin, but it also seals in moisture. It’s especially good if you suffer from dry skin in the winter time. Just apply some Witch Hazel after taking a bath or a shower and it’ll really help keep your skin moisturized all season long.

These are only a few of the things that Witch Hazel can do for your skin. There are many more benefits. The best part is that it’s completely natural. No harmful chemicals or anything else goes into Witch Hazel. All-natural is always better.

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